Welcome to the Town of Caledon. A community where you and your family can feel at home, and a growing market that can become a site for your new or expanding business. The Town of Caledon is at an exciting stage in its community development. Caledon not only offers a rural lifestyle, but is emerging as a significant partner in the Greater Toronto Area.

Caledon's gently rolling hills, green pastures and clean air, coupled with its ideal location, offers a community and business environment that is second to none. Lifestyle amenities such as a variety of housing, safe communities, recreational facilities and a special natural environment make Caledon an ideal place to raise your family. The proximity to Canadian, United States and International markets and efficient transportation linkages create a setting ideal for businesses ranging from large multinationals to small in-home enterprises, hence, good employment opportunities.

Remember, everyone in the Greater Toronto Area looks up to Caledon!

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